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Wealth Managers

Adapt to change in just a few clicks

Imagine being able to offer new solutions without investing huge chunks of time and capital. MMxCHANGE enables you to search, add and design innovative solutions quickly through a digital marketplace. Unlike other platforms, the Exchange’s unbundled open architecture lets you pick and choose solutions you need, when you need them. It’s the quickest, most affordable way to extend your firm’s capabilities, so you always stay relevant to clients.

Subscriber benefits

  • Lower your cost

    Pay for only what you need via tiered subscription and save the costs of other bundled platforms.

  • Differentiate your firm.

    Offer unique services through innovative boutique managers who aren't widely available on other platforms.

  • Control trading

    Download digital portfolios and trade them through your own wealth management system, eliminating costly trade errors from outsourcing.

  • Add any provider

    Freely add any provider to your Exchange, so you can build your own investment community.

  • Centralize billing

    Easily manage your relationships from a centralized hub with just one contract.

  • Agnostic platform

    The Exchange works with your existing technology, so you don't have to migrate everything to a new platform.

Unlock new ideas on the Exchange

The Exchange lets you browse the most innovative ideas from the best emerging boutique and established managers. Solve new challenges with access to fundamental, quantitative, quantimental and impact investing solutions.

Is MMxCHANGE right for me?

The Exchange is for wealth managers who want to grow their business while maintaining independence and control over their investment platform, including:

  • Independent RIAs
  • Independent Broker Dealers
  • Banks
  • Trusts
  • Family Offices
  • Insurance Companies
  • TAMPs
  • Intermediaries

How do I apply to join MMxCHANGE?

Fill in you details below and a representative will contact you shortly.