Wealth Managers / Digital Providers

Digital Providers

Take your ideas to a wider audience

MMxCHANGE gives you a new digital distribution channel to offer services to anyone, anywhere. Unlike other platforms, you’re not lost in the crowd. The Exchange curates a choice selection for subscribers, so your ideas get more attention. Subscribers browse your investment solutions and download signals straight from the digital marketplace. By bridging the gap between providers and subscribers, the Exchange lets you connect with wealth managers like never before.

Provider Benefits

  • Expand your reach

    Connect with wealth managers across the country through the digital marketplace, without needing a large distribution team.

  • Stand out and get noticed

    On the Exchange, your solutions are highlighted - not buried - so wealth managers can easily find you.

  • Control distribution

    Create a new digital distribution channel where you're in the driver's seat. Control who accesses your solutions through the Exchange.

  • Build new relationships

    See who's using your models, so you can establish rapport, customize solutions to their needs and nurture relationships.

Who can become a Digital Provider?

If you're a savvy digital asset manager or consultant with innovative solutions, the Exchange could be right for you. Emerging, boutique, and well-established managers are welcome to join, regardless of firm size or location. We're breaking old barriers to make new ideas more accessible.

How do I apply to join MMxCHANGE?

Fill in you details below and a representative will contact you shortly.