A Tailored Approach to Compliance

Establishing an enterprise-wide approach to compliance and risk is more important than ever. With MMxCHANGE, advisors have access to a fully customized platform that enhances compliance and offers firms and their wealth managers unprecedented levels of control.

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The power of unbundled open architecture

MMxCHANGE is a new digital marketplace that lets you design, build, and control your own custom investment platform – at a fraction of the cost of other platforms. Its unbundled open architecture allows you to select the solutions you need, when you need them, so you can always meet your clients’ specific goals in a quickly changing market. This unprecedented flexibility enables you to scale your business at a lower cost.

  1. Pay for only what you need

    The Exchange offers transparent, tiered pricing that can save you 50-70% compared to other platforms. Simply search, add, or delete the solutions your business needs at any given time. Why pay for unnecessary extras bundled in other platforms?

  2. Create your own community

    The Exchange removes traditional barriers to connect wealth managers with the best independent research, advice and guidance. Instead of limiting options to a select list, we let you add any provider to your Exchange, so you can create a unique investment community that works for your business.

  3. Expand your offering in a few clicks

    Stay relevant in a changing marketplace with the Exchange's unbundled open architecture. You can quickly add new capabilities by selecting innovative fundamental, quantitative, quantimental, and impact investing solutions. As needs change, you can adapt solutions accordingly. It's like having a team of virtual investment strategists on hand to solve any client challenge.

  4. Control the trading process

    The Exchange is agnostic and works with your existing technology. Digital portfolios are delivered directly to your wealth management system, so you retain control of the trading process. You don't have to outsource and pay for someone else's trade errors.